Recreational Walk Round the Island

Recreational Walk Round the Island Singapore
Recreational Walk Round the Island Singapore

Coast to coast trail, 36 km


Startups create solution to solve problem

Startups create solution to solve problem. There do projects. There build prototype. It might work or it simply don’t.

Doesn’t need to spend a hefty amount but as little as possible. Cost is not much of a concern.

Prototype aims to perform some simple tasks. Raw material could be as cheap as paper cardboard or recycled bottles.

If mechanical movement don’t require precision, parts such as gear could be made of wood or those off-the-shelf items from the blacksmith.

More importantly, prototype has to be the most viable product to achieve some simple objectives, like solving problems to make life better.

When one is talking, the other person listens

When one is talking, the other person listens. That is what my school teacher taught me many years back.
My friend shared a joke, we laughed even it’s a bad joke. That’s a response.
The TV host is doing a show while the audiences enjoy watching and listening to the storyteller.
A conversation is different. It’s a dialogue of ‘pings’. Listener has to anticipate with a response. Just like a game of ping pong.

It’s was a morning flight at 1 a.m.

It’s was a morning flight at 1 a.m. There’s nothing much to see nor to do while on board the plane.

Everyone’s spending the most of the time sleeping. Least for the next four and a half, time was not wasted.

Sleeping in a sitting position wasn’t as comfortable as on a bed.

The hour finally come when the flight attendant turned on the light and started to play some music.

The captain made the announcement of estimated time of arrival to Taoyuan international airport.

This island-country is located

This island-country is located just above the equator line. One degree north plus a few minutes and a tiny weeny bit of seconds.

Hot and humid. Frequent afternoon shower. Occasionally, thunderstorms. Monsoon season every year, from November to March the following year.

For indoor, the most cozy environment need not a warm fireplace with cracking logs burning.

An air-conditional place is the most ideal. With shelves of good books to read will be perfect.